Lake Baikal Scene Of An Underwater Battle With Aliens

The ancient Lake Baikal in Siberia is said to be the deepest lake on the planet and has a history of UFO activity as well as alleged sightings of aliens underneath the water by Russian military divers.
These sightings date back to the Soviet era, but since the end of the Cold War, the reports have come into the public domain. Many of the accounts tell of a huge “mothership” hovering above the expanse of water and even of humanoid beings in strange, shiny suits climbing down from these ships and into the water.

Former Soviet naval officer and ufologist Vladimir Azhazha claimed to have leaked top secret files relating to an incident in 1982. He stated that military divers, who were on standard training exercises in the area, witnessed huge underwater craft that moved with a speed they had never seen before.
Several days later, the story took an even more bizarre twist when divers witnessed several strange beings under the water. They wore shiny suits and what appeared to be a small, advanced oxygen masks.

According to the alleged leaked documents, the unit was ordered to capture these strange creatures. When they attempted to do so, however, they were fought off with what appeared to be an advanced sonar wave weapon that ultimately killed three of the seven divers. The remaining four, now terrified and injured from their attempts detain the strange crew, retreated and made their report to superiors.
In 2009, photographs taken from aboard the International Space Station seemed to show two distinct saucer-shaped anomalies in the region, fueling further speculation that an extraterrestrial presence was under Lake Baikal and even the possibility that these “saucers” were the craft that had been witnessed nearly three decades earlier by the Soviet diving unit.

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