Underwater Alien Base At Guantanamo Bay

According to a former US Marine who served at Guantanamo Bay in the late 1960s, there is an underwater alien base off the Cuban coast. Furthermore, the Marine claimed that of the many UFO sightings of strange objects going in and out of the water, the US military has even managed to capture several on film. He also states that he and his colleagues were under strict instructions not to talk about the strange activity they witnessed there.

The Marine claimed that the craft he witnessed appeared to be made of a “dull” metal with a series of blue lights. When they would enter the water, the blue lights could still be witnessed but would grow fainter and fainter, suggesting to him that whatever the object was, it was descending deeper into the water.
Perhaps coincidentally, around 140 kilometers (90 mi) north of the US base in Gulf Breeze, Florida, there have been several UFO sightings that seem to match the descriptions of the craft as described by the unnamed marine, and may suggest they are originating from the same place.

One particular sighting came in November 1987, when Ed Walters claimed that he witnessed a strange object fly overhead from the coast. It emitted a bright, blue light that “trapped” him in its beam. He stated that while he was caught in it, everything around him was blue, and he could not move. Walters did manage to take several pictures of the craft. Hundreds of witnesses came forward to say they, too, had seen the strange object that evening.

There is debate over the credibility of his account. MUFON seemed to believe the sighting was genuine, while others have stated that the photographs were obvious fakes. In a strange twist, years after Walters’ claims, an investigation into his story was said to have discovered a model craft very similar to the object that Walters stated he had photographed in a house where he once resided. Supporters of his claims, however, argue that this model is an obvious “plant” to discredit him.

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