End time: Again Angel spotted in the sky in Dansoman

Angel appears in Dansoman
  Dansoman is a sub-urban town in Accra region of Ghana, located near Accra. the town is known for being the largest estate in West Africa. in 2013, it was reported that an image of Jesus Christ was spotted in the sky at Dansoman, Accra Ghana that occurence alone triggered a lot of speculations about the second coming as well as the end time. just this morning some set of people living in the same town saw another image of an Heavenly body in the sky which lasted for a few hours statically, they watched the angel persistently until it vanished off gradually into the sky.

Many were afraid at the sight of this appearance, wondering what signs it had come to give, some of the inhabitants of Dansoman went rhetorical, asking what is actually wrong or right about this very town where this appearances keeps taking place others assumed the end time is just closer than they ever imagined.

Eko Daniel Published by Eko Daniel

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