Exposed: Those behind Ibori’s travails and their reason

Ahead of 2003 General Elections, Ibori hosted 15 of the 21 Peoples Democratic Party Governors at the Delta State Governor’s Lodge, Abuja, and they agreed to oppose former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s re-nomination owing to his dictatorial and vindictive tendencies against independent-minded politicians. From there, Ibori led the delegation of Governors (including Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and Bonnie Haruna) to inform the then PDP chairman, Audu Ogbeh of the decision by 2 am. Ogbeh informed Obasanjo immediately.

From that November 2002 night till just two days to the January 2003 PDP Annual Convention, the coalition of 15 Governors held and had a breakfast meeting with Obasanjo and the PDP leadership where Vice President Atiku Abubakar told Obasanjo that he was very dictatorial, vindictive and unforgiving. Obasanjo appealed for support and promised to change; he got a reprieve.

I told Ibori at the 2003 PDP convention that Obasanjo would never forgive him for the “failed coup”. When Ibori congratulated Obasanjo for his re-nomination, which came after the Governors had relented and supported him, Obasanjo told him that he Ibori had canvassed the view that “I Obasanjo was unsellable, unmarketable, and unelectable, all your life I will make you Ibori unsellable, unmarketable and unelectable”.

 So, when three weeks after the convention, the ex-convict allegation arose, it’s source was clear. When the controversial court case ended in Ibori’s favour and Ibori went to Aso Rock to tell Obasanjo of his victory, Obasanjo fired off a Yoruba proverb: “if the bullet that was meant to kill a person grazes his head, the person should go and thank God”. Ibori realized that the case was meant to kill him politically, but he didn’t suspect other “bullets” would follow.

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